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8 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Relocation Company

March 22, 2024

Relocating your home or office takes time, planning and solid coordination.

If you are relocating to start a new chapter in your work or home life, you should consider hiring a professional relocation company. At Cameron Ryan Relocations we can guide you through the relocation process from pre-planning to the big move day.

1. Streamlined, Time Saving Process

As professional movers, relocation is our second nature. We know all the ins and outs about moving houses, and have our process down to a fine art. We show up as a team and will get you from door to door efficiently and on schedule. Plus, we can maneuver that couch up those classic Wellington driveways much faster than you can.

2. Less Stress

The countless decisions that come with relocating your house or office across the Wellington region, plus the emotional and physical toll it can have on you can pile on the stress. At Cameron Ryan Relocations, we have tried and tested strategies that we can use to tackle your individual situation and minimise any potential issues. 


3. We Focus on the Job at Hand So You Don’t Have To

The to-do list that comes with relocating can make it hard to focus on your everyday tasks. Our team can jump on board, walk you through the whole process and tick off those to-do-list items so you don’t have too, freeing your time up to focus on other things.


If you’re moving your family across the Wellington region, the relocation process can be emotionally taxing for every family member involved. The Cameron Ryan Relocations team will use our knowledge and experience to help you navigate the whole move from start to finish, freeing up precious time with your family so you can focus on the more exciting aspects of moving to your new home.

4. We Treat Each Job Individually

At Cameron Ryan Relocations, we understand that every move is different. We have carried out 1000’s of successful moves, and approach each move in a way that meets all of the unique needs, timeline and potential issues. 


We have a fleet of trucks of all different sizes to suit even the most awkward of Wellington driveways and we have plenty of experience tackling houses on steep sections. Whatever intricacies your next move may have, we have the knowledge and experience to handle the relocation with care.

5. Health & Safety is a Top Priority

As experienced relocators, the Cameron Ryan Relocation team understand the importance of correct lifting and loading techniques and know how to move heavy and cumbersome furniture safely and efficiently up steep staircases and through tight spaces. Don’t take the chance on your own safety and risk injury, hire the team at Cameron Ryan Relocations (your back will thank you!)

6. Qualified Drivers and All the Right Equipment

When it comes to relocating your belongings across the Wellington Region there are a lot of moving parts. Our qualified and experienced team of movers will provide critical knowledge from operating the van liftgate, to making sure you have all the moving blankets, dollies and ties you need to move your belongings from door to door safely.

7. We Enjoy a Move Challenge

Wellington and its suburbs is known for its narrow winding streets, unique properties and steep driveways. All of which can seem daunting to those unfamiliar with them. At Cameron Ryan Relocations however, we see these unique challenges as an opportunity to put our skills to the test and problem solve so we can get you moved efficiently.

8. Peace of Mind

Above all, when you hire the team at Cameron Ryan Relocations you can rest assured knowing that we take pride in our high standards of quality and customer service. We are dedicated to making your move anywhere in the Wellington region as smooth, efficient and stress free as possible.

Ready to start planning your next move? Tell us all about it.